To round up the year in one fell swoop is not an easy task. Whether it was questionable political figures getting their hands on the keys to Number Ten, a rage-inducing Rugby World Cup final or the global environmental crisis, 2019 certainly was an interesting year.  We saw fires, black holes and a truckload of questionable Tik Tok trends. And waved goodbye to Instagram likes. And of course, a highlight for many… #WAGGate. 

And while all this was going on, we plugged away, helping our partners continue making an impact with their platforms and voices. It was tough to pick our Natives’ highlights (they all got us as excited as the Spice Girls reunion) but here are our top five campaigns of 2019 that cut through the crazy noise of this year and made a splash with our student audiences.

The swedish way

The Swedish Way | Study in Sweden

Marketing your study destination to the world can be a complex and daunting challenge, as you need to stand out whilst not alienating potential students. Study in Sweden - the official guide to international degree programmes offered at Swedish universities - asked Natives to help them achieve their bold vision to develop an extraordinary brand image and cut through the noisy international study marketplace.

Through market research, we were able to better understand what matters to their audience when deciding to study abroad, and create a distinctive set of brand values, identity and tone of voice. The campaign transformed Study in Sweden, turning passive observers into motivated brand ambassadors through strong defined values and a sharp voice. We are now in the process of empowering wider internal teams to live and breathe this brand new sparkling identity. 

Supercharged | NYU Meyers

Next up, just 3,919 miles across the ocean, we had another favourite challenger of the year: NYU Rory Meyers. Despite being one of the most reputable schools of its kind, it’s a tough gig to stand out when you have the likes of prestigious Columbia and Hunter as your neighbours. So we needed to go big. 

We landed on the idea of nursing at NYU Meyers being supercharged for the 2019 campaign; an adjective reflective of the city, the industry, and the audience. We stepped away from the clichéd colour palette commonly associated with the healthcare sector too; washed out whites, blues and greens and used lightweight animation and kinetic type to deliver a truly cut-through creative. The barrier of perceived high tuition costs was also repositioned as an investment, not just in your own future, but in the future of healthcare. 

Through our research and creative launch, we were able to help NYU Meyers achieve a 37.5% increase from lead to application year-on-year, and 4x as many applications delivered. We’re looking forward to how we can use these learnings from the launch campaign to go even bigger and bolder next time.

Lambeth College and LSBU

Back in the UK, Lambeth College became part of South Bank Colleges and the London South Bank University (LSBU) family earlier this year. This was the first time this kind of FE and HE collaboration took place in London - marking a really exciting time for innovation through a joined-up partnership in the education sector. It was fantastic to develop a concept that embodied the south London mindset while communicating the synergies between the future of the partnership: One Family. Way More Future. 

The campaign highlighted that the union would help to maximise graduate employment, social impact and relationships with local employers. Lambeth wanted to show that through a collaborative environment and dedicated support, everyone can attain the professional and technical skills (and self-belief) they need to succeed. The FE sector is ripe for change, investment, and innovation, and this campaign paved the way, inspiring others working in these sectors with the potential. The concept was simple, and therefore deliverable within time and budget, yet impactful. And a definite highlight of the year, having a galvanising impact on wider communities.  

It’s a Queens Thing | Queen's College

And last, but certainly not least. The problem of attracting many students in today’s world is that they have been told there’s only one formula for success. And in America especially, that usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag. 

So Queens College New York tasked us with the challenge of showing students that there’s no one set path to the top. But there is one distinctive Queens attitude and offering that sets students up and apart. Which is an outstanding, affordable option with no compromise necessary.

its a queens thing

The creative focused on the full Queens College package; diverse community and courses, campus and city, affordable and ambitious. This campaign resonated with both students and internal stakeholders, ending our year on a pretty neat high (if you ask us).

And that’s a wrap for the year (strike that, the decade!). While these four only scratch the surface of the fantastic work our teams have delivered and pushed out in 2019, we hope we’ve inspired you to be bolder, braver and more curious for 2020. We look forward to working on what’s to come. Happy holidays!

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