With Clearing at the forefront of every Education Marketers’ mind as we begin the new year, we’re excited to be revealing the headline findings from 2017’s National Clearing Survey.

The National Clearing Survey was created to better understand the Clearing process and journey from the point of view of the students. We conducted 3,000 qualitative interviews and analysed over 250,000 data points, making the survey truly representative and the most comprehensive, independent report of its kind.

By understanding influencing factors, and the effects they have on students, institutions can optimise their strategies and ensure they are targeting them on the right devices, at the right time and on the right platforms.

We thought we would give you two of our headline findings as a tease before the big reveal.

The rise of Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube

Way back in 2016, Facebook was the dominant social media platform. However, in 2017 we found that the platforms that Clearing students use on a daily basis has diversified and we now find that students are using Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube far more regularly on a daily basis than any other platform.

On average, 71% (up from 65% in 2016) of students surveyed in last year’s National Clearing Survey use Snapchat on a daily basis and 68% (up from 59%) use Instagram and Youtube at 66% (up from 62%). These platforms have overtaken Facebook for the first time since the survey began, with the media giant falling from 66% and top position in 2016 to 4th and 60% in 2017.

So should you be putting all your marketing eggs into Snapchat and Instagram shaped baskets? Marketers would be best advised to conduct Google Analytics audits, social media audits and really understand where their traffic is coming from whilst also ensuring that their mix includes cross-channel campaigns. We discussed what this means for your marketing strategies during our live webinar.

You’ve got to be quick in Clearing

Students are switching on. And they’re considering and researching their Clearing options much earlier than those that went before them. 20% of students stated they began their research into Clearing before May (up by 2% on 2016). In addition, within the first hour of receiving their results, 48% of students started searching for a Clearing place. This number rises to 63% in the first two hours. An increase of two percentiles on 2016.

We’ve said it many times before, but in 2018 it’s more important than ever before that you’re on your marketing A-game from the moment your course listings go live. Start planning and acting now. Speak to our Clearing experts if you need any support with your Clearing activity.

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