Our student research shows that climate change and protecting the planet are causes close to our students’ hearts. That’s why we’re proud to announce that our very own Natives, Seth and Peter, are taking part in the Three Peaks Yacht Race to raise money for the Marine Conservation Society, and we will be supporting them throughout the challenge. Seth and Peter have entered the Tilman Cup, which involves climbing and running up the UK’s tallest summits. So, what does the race entail and why is it so important?

“To have the opportunity to raise funds for the Marine Conservation Society so they can continue the essential work to restore our seas is a real motivator.” - Seth Richardson, CPO, Net Natives and Akero

Firstly, what is the Marine Conservation Society?

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The Marine Conservation Society fights for the future of our oceans through people-powered action and is backed by science. They defend habitats and species with communities, businesses and governments. Together, they work towards a cleaner, better-protected, healthier ocean. They strive for seas full of life where nature flourishes and people thrive. Anyone who loves the ocean, the environment or simply going to the beach should want to be a part of this initiative. ​

What spurred you to undertake this challenge? 

“I’ve (Seth) been a keen sailor since I was a kid and have always loved the ocean. Observing the pollution, destructive fishing practices, and general lack of care we have taken over our marine environment, spurred me into joining the Marine Conservation Society as a Trustee in 2019. We hope that recent documentaries and startling news around the current state of the marine environment will spur more people to take action on conserving our planet.” 

What will you be doing to fundraise? 

“The Three Peaks Challenge is a race of sailing, running and cycling. I’ve set up an Instagram account to document our progress along the way, as it’s going to be tough. We will be starting the race on 19 June, when we’ll begin sailing up the west coast of the UK, then running to the highest peaks of Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis. We’re raising money through donations from our friends and family, and our employer Net Natives will also match the money we raise. We’ve currently raised over £2,500 and we are aiming high for £15,000.”

We can’t all sail across the ocean and climb mountains. How can others get involved in this initiative?

“Every little helps when it comes to these sorts of projects, and building a community that understands the impact of their own actions makes a difference. So, whether you’re able to take part in beach cleaning, picking up litter or simply spreading the word, then you’re part of the solution. Education and action are key, so attend the webinars that the Marine Conservation Society host to remind yourselves of the impact of pollution in our seas.”

Still wondering how you can be part of the project? Check out these ideas on how to help. And, if you’re looking to support Seth and Peter’s Three Peaks Challenge, then make sure to share their story over on Instagram, or donate to the cause. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the outcome of their efforts!

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