You've worked hard all winter to maximise applications to your University's courses, offers have gone out but now the pressure is back on to convert those students into firming your offer, preferably as number one but at the very least you'd like to be their insurance choice.

Chances are if you've made an offer so have your competitors, which puts the power firmly back in the hands of your prospective students, so this period is crucial to your student enrolment numbers and by finding 'the right students' you'll reduce drop-out too.

We've tapped into our HE marketing experts to find out what their experience shows is the best way to use social media to help convert those with offers and also increase your reach among other potential students...

  • Use the data you have - create personalised messages on Facebook for those students who have an offer with you - find out how here -
  • Launch a social takeover - create a social Q & A campaign with live questions. By focusing the activity on your Facebook page, where applicants can post questions to your Facebook page (which increases your reach by ensuring that their friends see this in their newsfeeds)
  • Pictures speak a thousand words - photo competitions with applicants holding up their offer / acceptance letters will remind students why they applied in the first place
    See how UCAS increased their social reach by 191% through their photo competitions
  • Remind them online - create behavioural targeting campaigns- using testimonial based adverts- to those that have visited key pages i.e. application pages, information for applicants pages etc. Ensuring you have a presence across the web
  • Remind them when they search - create search re-marketing campaigns that place your university at the top of the rankings for relevant course searches
  • Target their friends - use fan and friend-of-fan campaigns to influence the influencers
    See how Bangor converted their fans to applicants
  • Be there when they search - creating campaigns that target users when they search for competitor universities or by being there when they search for specific campaigns
  • Don't rely on any one of the above - set out a variety of campaigns to create multiple touch points with your audience, monitor the performance of each campaign and look to optimise the top performers

So there you have it, proven conversion tactics by the experts in digital marketing that will transform your student recruitment strategies.

If you'd like to hear more information on how we run conversion campaigns and how we can help you convert more students, get in touch with our experts.


Article by


Charlie Penrose

Creative Director