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Since 2016, the switch from traditional to digital has been catalysed by the introduction of innovative methods of student recruitment and the current Covid-19 crisis. Although prospectus’ can prove beneficial for your students, they need to remain engaging and interactive. In this blog, you’ll find ways of transforming your prospectus into something more. But, if you’re looking for a one-way ticket to innovation, then read our blog post on what lies beyond the prospectus.

The Challenge

Exeter College wanted to recruit more international students and promote their services in a compelling new format. The Business Development team at the College were aware that they needed to become more digitally focused to achieve this.

The College tasked Net Natives to create a digital prospectus, which would form an integral part of their international student recruitment drive. In the past, the College had published paper prospectuses which were distributed across the globe to their international agents – who would pitch directly to potential students and their parents. This new product needed to inspire students to apply, support the College’s agents and reduce spend on internationally shipping out marketing collateral.

The Solution

Using the latest technology, our creative team at Net Natives designed and launched Exeter College’s first digital prospectus. The product allows students to click on parts of the prospectus and interact with the content which would be most relevant to them. GIFs were created, using our cutting edge animation software, to help parts of the prospectus stand out, as well as contributing to an excellent reader experience.

Charlotte Iles, Business Development Manager at Exeter College, is thrilled with how much of a success the prospectus has been –  not only for potential students but also for their international agents too: “The animation and touchscreen digital elements are great and have really livened up a boring sales pitch to be engaging and interactive. It’s helped our agents to better understand our offer and it also allows the students to pick and choose what they want to know about our College rather than flicking through a large prospectus.”

Users can access the College’s website via the prospectus directly. This allows prospective students to find out more information on courses, request a Skype or telephone interview, research accommodation in the UK and even enrol.

Net Natives worked closely with Exeter College to make sure the messaging was accurate, as well as visually highlighting any key points they wanted to outline. For example, the location of the College – which can be seen adjacent:

The Result

The prospectus can be accessed either from iBooks or from a website hyperlink, where the content is visible in PDF format. Charlotte can’t believe how straightforward the viewing process is for everyone: “It’s easy to use, it can sit on our website, or students can download it to their mobile devices and our agents have a short URL to email it to potential students, parents and schools.”

Exeter College has received 100% positive feedback from the digital prospectus. Charlotte is delighted with how the product has been received: ”We’ve had nothing but great feedback about it. It’s been a risk to invest  in creating a digital sales tool but one I believe we will fully reap the benefits from, we already have eight potential students from one agent alone for 2017 intake.”

“It’s also saved shipping costs and shelf space in our agent’s very small offices!”

You can view the prospectus below

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