It was coming to the end of lockdown 1.0, summer 2020. We were all stuck indoors, watching endless ads featuring Zoom calls, hand gel and supermarkets, all narrated by ‘inspiring’ poems about the hope of better days to come.

Then along came AA’s Tukker, like a welcome breath of fresh air.

So, what do we love about this ad?

Firstly, it breaks from the norm. It’s not often that you’ll see a car breakdown advert with no car, set in a kitsch yellow living room.

And of course, there’s the main attraction - Tukker the dog. Who better to represent the freedom and joy of the open road than a life-size puppet dog?

But the real reason that this advert stands out for us, is that it creates a connection with its audience. It makes the viewer feel something: a memory of the wind in their hair on a summer’s drive. It makes them smile, “Oh look, the mop dog’s on the telly again!”. It takes them out of their day-to-day life.

When an advert conjures an emotion, it doesn’t have to be one that’s sad or overly inspiring in order to be effective. It can also quite simply spark joy. And that in turn makes the advert memorable, as well as creating a positive image and a feeling of trust around the brand.

The takeaway? Ads that make people feel something are the ads that people remember. Let’s try and create real emotional connections with our advertising, with messages that are relatable as well as aspirational.

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Article by

Michelle Keepence

Midweight Copywriter