If you had no rules at all what would you want to say about your brand? How would you capture people’s attention? How would you take your student marketing to the next level? 

Finding inspiration in unlikely places can help. A few weeks ago, an unofficial KitKat advert took adland by storm. Produced by Creative Strategist, Sam Henning, for One Minute Briefs, the ad is a masterclass in simplicity and a perfect example of less being more. 

advert on side of bus stop

If you’re not familiar, One Minute Briefs is a daily creative exercise run by Bank of Creativity where creatives are given exactly one minute to come up with an ad for a brand or services. No rules. No restrictions. Just one minute to get creative and trust your instincts. ​

As we can tell from this ad, the lack of rules and impending deadline produces some serious lateral thinking and creativity. Highlighting the brand message, while keeping it simple.

It’s a process we’ve adopted within our own Creative team - we recently got very creative over ‘windows’ (the things you look out of, not the company) - and it’s a way of thinking we think could benefit our clients.

Obviously there are benchmarks, KPIs and other measures to consider when you’re planning your marketing campaigns, but why not set aside some budget and time to just experiment and see where your creative freedom will take you? You never know what might happen…

If you’d like to speak to us about your creative strategy, get in touch with our experts today. ​

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George Metcalf

George Metcalf