Coventry University is the first UK university to establish a presence in Poland and the first university from any foreign country to open a branch campus in Poland.

To promote the new Coventry Wroclaw campus, we knew we had to be innovative, as in recent years, the growth of international branch campuses (IBCs) has slowed significantly. We took this as an exciting opportunity to design a thorough and multi-layered campaign to raise mass awareness in the local area, create buzz around the launch and drive enquiries and applications for the new courses available.

We conducted extensive research into the Polish student market, enabling us to pull together a multi-channel, dual-language strategy. We also had to navigate through the unfolding events of the pandemic and how that would impact our Out Of Home advertising; due to our flexible and agile approach, we were quickly able to reallocate the OOH budget to effective digital activity. 

Utilising our research, we identified three themes for the campaign, which informed our messaging and copy throughout:

Occupational barometer

Zooming in on the Lower Silesian Voivodeship region of Poland, we were able to highlight the value proposition of Coventry University: high-level qualifications and the promise of employment post-graduation. Our student research echoed this: local students wanted vocational courses that provided high-level job prospects, particularly in STEM.

Bringing in the employers

Not only did we ask the students what they wanted, but we also asked employers in the Polish region for the skill sets and fields they were looking for. They expressed a desire for English-speaking, or bilingual, employees, meaning we could hit home with the message that studying with Coventry, a British institution, was guaranteed to boost job prospects. Our advertising copy ‘Study a UK degree in Poland’ drove the USP of the institution.

Our approach

Our approach to the campaign was extensively digital: Facebook family, YouTube, Snapchat, Programmatic Display, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, content marketing, Google Search and OOH. We planned our OOH activity strategically to raise awareness of the new campus amongst commuters and other residents of the city, and pivoted our approach due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We shifted the focus to high-impact digital advertisements which were served to all relevant prospects at a high frequency to achieve maximum impact.

The results?

The campaign drove large-scale awareness of the Coventry University Wrocław campus across the whole of Poland - particularly Wrocław and Warsaw, meeting enrolment targets for each course. We also exceeded the target for impressions (+20%), clicks (+342%) and click-through rate (+0.35%).

Due to the success of the Wroclaw campus launch, Net Natives are once again working with Coventry University to further promote the new campus and recruit more students ahead of the next intake.