Plumpton College tackle preconceptions about vocational agricultural training with a unique creative solution that accurately portrays the courses they offer and the career opportunities they could lead to, whilst appealing to a more diverse audience.


When Plumpton College had the desire to engage a more contemporary audience, we worked closely with the College to develop a creative concept that encapsulated their unique learning and career opportunities, whilst showing off the College’s beautiful location and the special qualities of their courses and students.


“The whole team poured their energy and enthusiasm into the project and knew exactly how to capture the essence of our students and their passion for their craft. From initial concept to the finished result, Natives worked tirelessly to achieve our goal and to give us a unique angle on very traditional and stereotyped subject areas... A pleasure from start to finish and we will certainly be working together again!”

- Liz Hobby, Marketing Manager, Plumpton College