ARU had a very challenging brief. Their facility was not yet built and staff recruitment was still ongoing. The timescales were incredibly tight and they needed a rounded campaign that would attract quality students to their new specialist facility and niche courses.

"It takes courage to be the first. This concept goes deeper into the human qualities needed to take up the mantle."

- Cate Sloan, Lead Copywriter, Natives

But how do you come up with a look, sound and feel for a medical school that isn't finished yet?

Facing the challenge of the unknown, with limited assets and nothing to photograph, concepts were pursued that would work with these restrictions, not against. Working with the notion of being the first, tone of voice, messaging and animations were developed to portray the bold, future-gazing nature of the project.

"This concept is about potential. The block-colour silhouette is a space to be written on, the illustrative stethoscope a nod to an achievable future. The student can self-identify: I am not this yet, but I think I can be."

- Cate Sloan, Lead Copywriter, Natives

And the results?

ARU exceeded their original target of completed applications by 25%, three months before their September intake. And for their summer Open Day, they welcomed over 500 students for Medicine alone.

"Natives rose to our challenging brief. We are delighted with the results; the creative concept turned a challenge into a compelling creative execution and the media plan delivered what we needed and more."

- Head of Marketing, Anglia Ruskin University