To tackle the fall in nursing applications after NHS bursaries were abolished, ARU worked with us to change the face of nursing degrees.

Working closely with current students, alumni and academics, we ensured the campaign was truly reflective of the rewards and challenges of becoming a qualified nurse.

A Career That Begins With Care

Through a series of films, interviews and photoshoots with current students and academics, we produced a stunning and emotive video to make certain that ARU stood well above the competition for nursing degrees. The content was real - focusing on both the benefits and challenges of becoming a nurse.



The creative was amplified through carefully selected platforms with an advertising campaign to ensure that the ads were seen by the right person, at the right time and further optimised in real time to ensure maximum ROI. 

By identifying students who have a story to tell and the University's own influencer students who could use their own networks to inspire others, the campaign challenged and changed the narrative. One that linked seamlessly with the wider corporate marketing and brand.

And the results?

The campaign ended with an increase of student nurses for ARU, bucking the national trend.