To stand out in a crowded market and reflect the passion behind their brand during the critical Clearing application period, Goldsmith's differentiate themselves with compelling creative to get cut-through and increase student numbers.

For a student-led, market-orientated approach to attract attention throughout Clearing, we carried out extensive research to inform the creative and develop a campaign concept that set Goldsmiths up for outstanding tactical and strategic results in Clearing.


'Make Change'

‘Make Change’ is a concept designed to challenge potential students and speak of the positive impact Goldsmiths has on the world.

The core theme of the concept is that of change, both big and small. Big and influential change that Goldsmiths has been responsible for, balanced with the seemingly small, but personally significant, changes that students will make and experience on a daily basis. The creative has a distinctive visual style to give portraits and case studies a disruptive and energetic aesthetic.

Through this, every aspect of the campaign was brought together to create a sense of aspiration, of ambition realised but tempered with humility and humanity.

And the results?

Goldsmiths increased their student numbers by 18% from the previous year in what was the most competitive Clearing in years.