From billboards and buses to airports and aeroplanes, the University of Portsmouth utilised Out of Home to ‘own their city’ - putting their brand in front of their target audience, in key, strategically selected OOH locations that worked seamlessly alongside the digital journey.

A campaign that tells a story

Using Portsmouth's new brand concept, we paired decisive language with honest visuals of real students. Through a shift of perspective, Portsmouth's identity is defined through the voice of its students, so we created a campaign that could be applied across multiple platforms, including print, programmatic display and social adverts.

Maximising brand impact

We selected key arterial sites across Portsmouth and the surrounding area, with a mix of digital and static formats to achieve dominant visibility within the city, including a special STEM-edition of the local paper, featuring Tim Peake (University of Portsmouth alumni).

Large formats, 48 sheets and a wrapped bus were positioned at the centre of the plan and in high-visibility areas that we strategically selected. And around this, we ran print ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and planned lamp-post banners and escalator panels to enhance the University’s message through multiple touchpoints.


And the results?

Awareness and familiarity of the University brand increased by 67% within the key catchment areas and incorporating important cities, Brighton and Southampton. More than twice as many prospective undergrads recognised the new logo compared to the old one.