With a responsibility to take action and tackle waste pollution that’s impacting the health of our planet, Hampshire County Council turned their efforts to pioneering environmentally-friendly initiatives that would reduce consumption and minimise unnecessary waste.

But with no initial insight on how to encourage long-term behaviour change that they could easily measure and monitor, Hampshire County Council required an engaging, multi-channel, data-driven strategy that would result in less waste, reduced costs and long-term behaviour change across the county.

With an understanding of the Council's key audiences and the tactics most likely to prompt behaviour change, we tested, reviewed and produced a variety of creative concepts for multiple digital and OOH formats, social imagery, stencil driven experiential, including an interactive game.

Less waste, reduced costs to the council and evidence of long-term behaviour change

55% of those surveyed said that they have positively changed how they recycle, and 82% feel better informed about good recycling behaviours. Recycling of plastic bottles has risen by 31% across the county, whilst 27% of those surveyed have sought out further information on recycling.