How agile advertising and advanced campaign tracking helped fill a niche programme

Using agile advertising and advanced campaign tracking, Net Natives exceeded expectations for Jameston Community College, part of the State University of New York network, by driving qualified enquiries for two niche priority programmes. 


Jamestown Community College (JCC) saw an increase in qualified enquiries from within New York State for Addiction Counseling and Health Information Technology courses.

Using an agile approach, Net Natives built bespoke campaigns for each program on both Facebook and Google Search, driving traffic to JCC’s website. A pixel was implemented on the relevant “Thank You” pages to track every time a prospect completed an enquiry form. For each campaign, we split-test different Facebook ad types such as newsfeed link posts and carousel ads. By implementing this alongside various targeting options, we were able to apportion budget to the best performing elements for driving conversions.

Eventually, Net Natives recommended that all budget was moved to Facebook as this was the platform that saw the highest volume of inquiries. In doing so, we reformed the strategy to include Facebook lead generation ads and included a targeting set based on exclusive audience profile data accessed from our partnership with Facebook.

“Net Natives is amazing and the attention that your team has given JCC goes above and beyond what I have received from any other agency. I have worked with a number of advertising vendors over the years in both digital and traditional media, and your team is exceedingly attentive and knowledgeable about maintaining, monitoring and getting a campaign to run at its top ability. Thank you!”​