LSBU’s students are not your average ‘university’ type, representing a range of ages and backgrounds, including those with lower grades and a high proportion of BME students. Typically living locally to the university, so brand familiarity and consideration outside of SE1 was low. It was crucial for LSBU to stand out with a campaign that ‘meant something’ to the audience, ensuring they were front of mind for prospective and ‘non traditional’ (two thirds of intake) students on Results Day.

And through extensive research to discover ways to connect with this diverse audience, the institution landed on the ‘Get What’s Yours’ concept - driven by creativity, and market research that uncovered employability and future opportunity as crucial factors for this audience when deciding if university was for them.

The concept was selected to empower, and speak to students who have a million different reasons not to go to university,  encouraging them to go and get what they deserve – an education, and a career. The ‘Get What’s Yours’ campaign led with six alumni, each with an honest and remarkable story to tell. This would provide living proof that anyone can go to university. And rather than telling students that LSBU is great for employability, we showed them.

"The real-life stories showcased the end destinations – take Alton, the campaign hero, who wanted to surpass the expectations of his first-generation family, successfully combining his studies with training as an Olympic athlete, and landing his dream Arts career along the way. These are real-life stories of LSBU students, and this campaign shone a light on the successful outcomes and endless possibilities of studying at LSBU, inspiring our audiences that LSBU is a University they can trust and will allow them to ‘Get What’s Yours’.”

- Jamie Barker, Senior Marketing & Campaigns Manager, LSBU

“Our strategy determined that our audience was equally tenacious, self-reliant and cautious. Used to being told that education and careers weren't for them, they were looking for the tangible pay off, and an opportunity to stand toe to toe with the best of them. The creative concept used colloquial language to encourage students to take what they rightly deserved.”

– Lindsay Toone, Creative Strategist

And the results?

The campaign raised awareness over a longer period, reaching a wider audience and changing perceptions, delivered at a lower CPA than previous years. Because of these efforts, Clearing closed three weeks earlier than the previous year and through an integrated approach, there was a +21% uplift on calls generated via trackable ads. But the thing we’re most proud of? Perceptions were changed and more than lives substantially improved because this message really resonated.