With today's educational provision being more complex and dispersed than ever before, and with increasing numbers of learners accessing education at all levels throughout their lives, LSBU Group needed to redefine their brand proposition for launch in November 2020.

The LSBU group comprises institutions spanning secondary, further, higher and professional education. Specialising in technical and professional knowledge, the group was created as a new educational model, designed to respond to society's evolving needs in accessing education, insight and innovation.

Therefore in order to redefine their brand proposition, the principle of collaboration is key; between educational providers, businesses and communities to co-create a learning and skills eco-system that works in the interests of individuals, communities and employers. Ensuring that key stakeholders, students and the community were involved, invested and excited about the project moving forwards. 

Through the work of close partnerships, workshops and audience research, LSBU Group launched their new brand identity with key documents comprising audience ladders and personas, the brand proposition, manifesto and brand promises. To be used across the entire group, creating the cohesion and unity the LSBU group was initially looking for. 

"The work Net Natives has done in developing our brand proposition brings the LSBU Group brand to life. It has given the brand meaning across all of our various audiences in a uniquely LSBU Group way, while remaining true to our vision to transform lives, communities, businesses and society through applied education and insight."

- Professor Dave Phoenix, Vice Chancellor London South Bank University, and CEO, LSBU Group

The results?

Since this work was undertaken, the stakeholders at LSBU Group’s individual institutions have bought into the new brand proposition, and talk more readily about LSBU Group as the brand. Students and the community have also been engaged with the repositioning throughout the project, building upon LSBU’s community-led brand and presence across their individual institutions. This project has therefore made the LSBU Group brand a reality, and fuelled excitement about its potential.