LSBU wanted to engage staff, student and alumni communities to build brand advocacy to actively support recruitment and retention. Also, LSBU has very clear social aims around participation and opportunity (see LSBU’s Get What’s Yours campaign), and the alumni play a crucial part in this. Fostering a culture of philanthropy among the entire #LSBUfamily was an integral goal.

To fulfil this objective, LSBU looked to their Graduation ceremonies which offer great opportunities to get graduates to opt-in to their alumni network. This was done successfully with a pre-roll animated video to showcase alumni stories, bold graduation invitations, consistent creative and a developed look and feel, which allowed the institution and their students to feel part of a cohesive family unit. 

Alongside Graduation, a fundraising campaign targeted alumni who were already opted-in to the network, and key stakeholders via charitable trusts, was launched, which included an invitation-only event; the first of its kind for LSBU. 

The messaging ‘No Barriers to Brilliance’ underpinned the entire event, and continued to push the institution-wide ethos that education is for everyone and your future is there for the taking. This event was a fantastic opportunity to connect and recruit brand ambassadors that can, and will, drive LSBU’s alumni ambitions.

An advertising campaign was also run to reach out to lost alumni, to raise awareness of the network and drive opt-ins. Video content was created to be used across owned channels (social media, emails, website) to get alumni excited about giving back and drive offers of support. Through this strategy, LSBU’s alumni objectives and goals were achieved and then some. 

“We produced a campaign that genuinely meant something, that had an impact, that reached its goals, that ultimately encouraged prospective students who might not think studying is for them to give it go - through the lens of past experiences: Alumni.”

Jodie Morris – Alumni Senior Officer

And the results?

Following Graduation 2019, 30% of the Class of 2019 opted into the alumni network, a 42% increase on previous years. The LSBU database now has seen a 47% increase in contactable alumni.

The fundraising strategy document and ‘No Barriers to Brilliance’ event helped to establish and embed a culture of philanthropy across the LSBU Group. A substantial amount of financial support was pledged because of the event, and up to 50 students will receive prize awards of £1,000 in recognition of their hard work, outstanding academic achievements and triumph over adversity, as a result of new fundraising activity.