Reviving creative to cut-through, engage and convert

Not all creative resonates. With the right advertising architecture, a successful campaign is not measured in clicks and impressions, but by tracking and responding to the outcomes that matter.  

Using data and insight, University of Aberdeen were able to understand the most suitable territories to recruit international students for their target courses.

Confident they were targeting the right audience, and with the right advertising architecture, the team could tell what was working, and what wasn't. Net Natives understood the campaign was performing from a clicks and impressions standpoint, and the target audience was responding, but they weren't converting.

Net Natives Creative team developed new and engaging advertising assets and campaign landing pages. All of the creative was then split tested, and the campaign refined based on outcomes, not clicks.

And the results?

After the new creative was rolled out across the campaign, University of Aberdeen experienced 137.25% increase in relevant students enquiries.