Students make up one of the most diverse consumer groups in the world, yet this isn’t reflected in the advertising used by brands or education institutions to attract them. The students we see in advertising still fail to represent real students. And how do students feel about this? 

Well, our friends at Student Hut commissioned some new research using their Opinion Panel to find out...

Conducted through a deep-dive survey, we uncovered how students really feel about the advertising they see every day, how they’re being represented, and how that makes them feel about brands. 

Fill in the form and be one of the very first to get your hands on the Where Are The Students We See whitepaper which reveals all the insight found throughout the research. The findings will challenge institutions and brands to think student and use data-driven insights to change the way that students are seen in advertising, challenge stereotypes and create positive, inclusive campaigns.

Read the Where Are The Students We See whitepaper now.