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The Student Specialist Marketing Group. Connected and curious.

We think student. We do, we learn, we refine, and we apply what we’ve learned, just like students (and let’s face it, we could all be a bit more student).

Impact is something to aspire to - looking beyond impressions, reach, clicks, conversions and inspiring a focus on the bigger picture. More students inquiring, applying, and enrolling.

Let's work together.

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We Think Student

Student Media Insights Survey

Student Specialist Media Strategies

Students spend more time on YouTube on a daily basis than all other channels. How do we know this? Uniquely Net Natives, the Student Media Insights Survey is the industry’s leading data source into the channels student use, how they use them, and why. Our expert student specialist media planners use these insights to formulate media acquisition strategies that drive enrollments.


Student Specialist Audience Reach

Frustrated with legacy systems that hindered student marketers abilities to reach, attract, engage and understand prospective students, Net Natives built our own stack of technology solutions to support student marketeers. Akero harnesses the joint power of recruitment and marketing to achieve enrollments. We have collected millions of student inquiries (international and domestic), applications, and enrollments, all used to turbocharge your campaigns. From Landing Pages, AB Testing, Personalized Application Systems, and even tracking every dollar spent on media against an eventual enrollment, Akero supports education institutions globally.

Student Specialist Understanding

Net Natives pioneers national and international research projects into students motivations and behaviors, providing specialist audience understanding to inform all aspects of your marketing strategy. Understand why more than 900 universities worldwide have announced or launched a total of 11,400 online courses with our Global Online Study Survey, providing unparalleled student understanding.