All great strategy starts with great insights, and our project with NYU Meyers was no different. We embarked on a three-month-long research project, helping the school identify challenges in the industry, barriers and motivators for their audience, and key aspects of the student experience we needed to bring to the fore in our creative approach.

We found that while NYU Meyers is one of the most reputable schools of its kind in the US, the competition in the New York City area is fierce, with prestigious universities like Columbia and Hunter just a stone’s throw from NYU’s campus. Meyers suffered from a lack of differentiation, so we needed to go big with our creative to create real standout. 

This meant delving deep into what it means to study in the fast-paced, frenetic setting of NYC, and framing the location as the perfect proving ground for those willing to go into a demanding and relentless profession. We landed on the idea of nursing – specifically nursing at NYU Meyers – being supercharged; an adjective reflective of the city, the industry, and the audience. We also repositioned the barrier of perceived high tuition costs as an investment, not just in your own future, but in the future of healthcare. 

The idea of being supercharged dovetailed perfectly into the look and feel of our campaign, and we were able to create ads with dynamism and energy that, crucially, looked different from what you might expect from a prestigious nursing school. We wanted to stand out from the cliché color palette commonly associated with the healthcare sector; washed out whites, blues and greens. We opted instead for black and high contrast block colours, employed a brutalist grid layout and introduced lightweight animation using brand elements and kinetic type to deliver a truly cut-through creative.

"Net Natives took the time to really understand us and our position in the nursing world. The things they discovered - how our students think about us, themselves and their futures were surprising. They shook us out of our comfort zone for sure - and that was exactly what we needed. The Nursing, Supercharged platform and creative they proposed was not like anything we’d attempted before but still very on-brand… and very NYC. We trusted their recommendations and I’m glad we did - they’ve supercharged us." Keith Olsen, Director for Communication, NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing

And the results?

Our campaign saw a decrease in CPC of 27%, a decrease in CPL of 64% and an increase in direct leads generated by a staggering 119%. But the real impact can be seen when compared to the previous year’s campaign prior to our research and creative launch. We were able to help NYU Meyers achieve a 37.5% increase from lead to application year-on-year, and 4x as many applications delivered. All with full, real-time visibility on campaign performance for the client throughout. The learnings from this launch campaign are currently being fed into the second phase of 2019 activity to ensure future work just keeps getting better.


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