Call Tracking For Clearing

Track every call over Clearing to optimise your ad spend and fill your courses first

Call Tracking assigns a unique phone number to each of your marketing channels so you can see what activity is driving calls to your organisation, through our call tracking dashboard.

When a student calls your university or college on A-Level results day, to find out about your course availability in Clearing, how do you know where they came from?

Did they go direct to your website? Find your number on social-media or click on one of the many Clearing campaigns youre running online and in print?

If the call resulted in a successful application, wouldnt you want to increase similar calls until all your courses are filled?

With Call Tracking we can tell you exactly what makes your phone ring so you can optimise student traffic through that channel.

Combined with our agile marketing solutions for Clearing, well optimise your digital marketing spend in real time to focus budget on the channels that result in the most successful calls, helping you fill your courses first.

67% of Clearing students are placed within 7 days of A-level results being published, we can make sure they call you first.

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Call Tracking Features

Track Online

We’ll track every call that originated from your online advertising, including Facebook, Google search and LinkedIn; we’ll even do the setup for you

Track Offline

Digital’s our thing but we respect a multimedia approach and can also track any call that has originated from a print ad, event or flyer. Allowing you to see what media drives the most calls.

Unlimited Numbers

The most committed marketers will have separate numbers for each campaign, so it’s a good job there’s no limit on the numbers you have access to.

Dynamic Web Numbers

Our web numbers change for each visitor to your website, increasing your tracking capabilities.

International Calls

Track your international student enquiries in the countries you operate in. We support numbers for over 70 countries.

Visitor Level Tracking

We capture every touch point a user has with your website so we can tell you when and where on your website triggered the student to pick up the phone and call. We can then help you shorten that user journey and get more students to follow it.

Call Recording

We’ll capture every phone call for you to review and use to improve your student comms.

Real Time Reporting

We can monitor your calls in real-time and use the data to optimise your advertising campaigns.

Multiple Users

Your whole comms team can have access to our call portal, whilst you control their access levels.


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