The independent global programmatic trading desk, dedicated to precision targeting of student and youth audiences

The Student Trading Exchange is Net Natives’ in-house programmatic trading solution.

We reach and convert the right audience by blending proprietary and world leading technology with dedicated in-house talent. Through our partner publishers’ high quality data, we guarantee targeted, brand-safe programmatic media advertising.

Output and benefits of using the Student Trading Exchange:

Collaborative, trusted and transparent relationship

Protect your real estate and activate your audience

Brand safe programmatic advertising

Reach and scale -
for you and your partners


Best in Class Technology

We have carefully selected our demand-side buying platforms (DSPs) to ensure we have the ability to buy media globally. We have in-house expert programmatic traders enabling us to meet and beat KPIs and develop learnings that help build structure and strategy for future campaigns.

Premium Audience

Audience insight and understanding is key to our campaign planning and implementation. We work with multiple audience sources, including 1st (your data), 2nd (publisher 1st party data) and 3rd party (data from providers who collect and aggregate data from online sources).

Brand Safe Publishers

Brand safety is critical. We are constantly working on improving our supply chain to make sure we can deliver the best in brand-safe, viewable, and transparent advertising for all our partners.

Cut through creative

We have in house specialist developers who are able to build best in class creative. We can build these to your specifications and offer recommendations and insights to suit all your creative needs.

Specialist staff

From start to finish, you will be working with specialised staff who have in depth knowledge of programmatic platforms and strategy. There will be a Native on hand to build campaigns from start to finish including tag production to campaign creation, optimisation and reporting.


The Student Trading Exchange works with clients to ensure that their digital campaigns have clearly defined KPIs and indicators of success. It's not only about being in the right place at the right time, but delivering against specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and well timed objectives. We understand that you will want to see how your campaigns are performing so we provide transparent breakdown of tracking, conversion reporting, data and creative insight and learnings.

We believe that data driven optimisations, in conjunction with the right technology and talent, will lead to campaign success. The Student Trading Exchange wants to help make a difference to you as advertisers in the education space, but also to the students you will be recruiting to your institution.

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