Gateshead Council used video to engage potential foster carers and increase event sign ups

Gateshead Council | Using video to engage potential foster carers

Gateshead Council used video to engage potential foster carers and increase event sign ups

Gateshead Council were looking for more creative ideas to tap into the emotional motivations of potential foster carers and to demonstrate what it’s really like to be a foster parent.

The core idea centred around showcasing fostering from the point of view of current fostering families.

Using 5 short films produced by Gateshead Council, Net Natives created a video-led social media ad campaign, editing the video content to work best with the social platform’s features, whilst maintaining the primary aim of generating fostering enquiries and increasing attendance at Gateshead Council’s Spring information event.

The Net Natives process

  • Five unique video posts were created for Facebook, focusing on quotes and anecdotes from current foster carers
  • Content was then targeted towards the Gateshead community using geographic, age and other relevant targeting
  • The campaign was monitored and optimised in real time to ensure the client’s budget was being spent in the most cost-effective way
  • To enhance the reach and brand awareness benefits, static image ads were used to compliment the video content, with creative that mimicked the quote style of the short films

The client benefited from...

The impact and emotional connection made through the video content proved to be a great success at reaching the right audience and generating enquiries;

  • 14 potential foster carers signed up for the event, directly through the ads
  • 3 people requested a call from Gateshead’s Fostering team to talk about their options as a foster carer
  • Ads with video content generated over 50% of the total engagement, as well as a fantastic 5% click through rate to boost brand awareness
  • Social engagement from the video ads exceeded 500 social actions and 50 comments from people interested in becoming foster carers, which further amplified their content at no additional cost

“The team at Net Natives were very easy to work with and provided useful insights and ideas on how to best maximise the investment made”

Marketing & Recruitment Officer, Gateshead Council